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Arcade games have been around for decades, and while technology has advanced significantly, there’s still something special about the classic games that started it all. If you’re looking to relive the glory days of gaming, then you need to check out these original arcade games. From classic fighting games to beloved platformers, these are the games that defined a generation of gamers. So grab a quarter (or your phone) and get ready to play some of the best games ever made.

A Brief History of Arcade Games

The Evolution of Arcade Games

In the early days of video games, the arcade was the place to be for gamers. The first arcade games were simple, yet addictive, and they quickly became popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Over the years, arcade games have evolved significantly, incorporating new technologies and gameplay mechanics to keep up with changing times. In this section, we will take a closer look at the evolution of arcade games, from their humble beginnings to the modern era.

One of the earliest arcade games was “Pong,” which was released in 1972 by Atari. This simple game involved two paddles that players used to hit a ball back and forth across the screen. While “Pong” was a simple game, it was also addictive and set the stage for the development of future arcade games.

As technology improved, arcade games became more complex. In the 1980s, games like “Space Invaders,” “Pac-Man,” and “Donkey Kong” became hugely popular, and they helped to establish the arcade as a fixture of popular culture. These games featured more sophisticated graphics and gameplay mechanics, and they often incorporated elements of storytelling and strategy.

In the 1990s, arcade games continued to evolve, with games like “Street Fighter II” and “Super Mario Bros.” becoming household names. These games featured more advanced graphics and sound, as well as more complex gameplay mechanics, and they helped to establish the arcade as a hub for competitive gaming.

Today, arcade games continue to evolve, with new technologies and gameplay mechanics being developed all the time. While some classic arcade games remain popular, new games are constantly being developed to keep up with changing tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade games or you’re looking for something new, there’s never been a better time to be a gamer.

The Rise of Classic Arcade Games

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, arcade games experienced a surge in popularity. Factors such as technological advancements, innovative game designs, and strategic marketing contributed to the rise of classic arcade games.

  • Technological advancements: The development of more powerful and efficient hardware, such as the introduction of the microprocessor, allowed for more complex and visually appealing games.
  • Innovative game designs: Pioneering game designers like Nolan Bushnell and Shigeru Miyamoto created groundbreaking games like Pong and Donkey Kong, which set the stage for the evolution of arcade games.
  • Strategic marketing: Arcade game manufacturers like Atari and Namco recognized the potential of arcade games as a form of entertainment and invested in marketing campaigns to attract players.

These factors combined to create a thriving arcade game industry, with classic games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Asteroids becoming iconic representations of the era.

The Best Original Arcade Games to Play Today

Key takeaway: Classic arcade games have stood the test of time and continue to be popular today due to their simple yet addictive gameplay, low technical requirements, and social interaction. Playing these games is a great way to relive nostalgic memories or just enjoy a fun and challenging game. Some of the best original arcade games to play today include Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Missile Command, Defender, and Tempest. To play these games today, you can find them in retro gaming stores, online resources, or by purchasing an emulator. Additionally, you can set up a classic arcade gaming system by choosing a classic arcade cabinet, gathering the games, and customizing your setup with themed decor, comfortable seating, and good quality audio. Finally, to excel at arcade games, it’s important to understand the game mechanics, master the controls, practice, and stay ahead of the game by learning from others and joining the arcade gaming community.

Space Invaders

  • Introduction
    Space Invaders, developed by Taito in 1978, is one of the earliest arcade video games and a classic in the genre. It has a simple premise: the player controls a cannon at the bottom of the screen, and must use it to shoot down alien invaders as they move across the screen. Despite its simplicity, the game was groundbreaking in its use of graphical elements and gameplay mechanics, and remains popular today.
  • Gameplay
    In Space Invaders, the player controls a cannon that moves horizontally across the bottom of the screen. The objective is to shoot the alien invaders as they move downwards across the screen, with the goal of defeating them all before they reach the player’s cannon. The game features a unique system of increasing difficulty, with the aliens moving faster and shooting back at the player as the game progresses.
  • Graphical and Audio Elements
    Space Invaders was one of the first arcade games to use graphical elements, featuring a simple but effective design of colored squares for the aliens and the player’s cannon. The game also features a distinctive background soundtrack, with a repeating melody that becomes more intense as the game progresses.
  • Legacy and Impact
    Space Invaders was a commercial success and helped to popularize the arcade video game genre. It was also influential in the development of other games, including the famous game Pac-Man. Today, Space Invaders remains a popular game for retro gaming enthusiasts and can be played online or through emulators.
  • Recommendation
    For players looking to experience a classic arcade game, Space Invaders is a must-play. Its simple gameplay and addictive nature make it a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.


Pac-Man is one of the most iconic and beloved arcade games of all time. Released in 1980, it was developed by Namco and was originally titled “Puck Man” in Japan. The game was created by Toru Iwatani, who was inspired by the Japanese snack “paku-paku” and the game’s protagonist, named “Pac-Man.”

The gameplay of Pac-Man involves navigating the titular character through a maze, eating dots and avoiding ghosts. Pac-Man can turn the ghosts into “power pellets” to eat them and clear the maze of all dots and ghosts. The game became an instant classic, and its success spawned numerous sequels, spin-offs, and merchandise.

The original arcade version of Pac-Man is still available to play today, either through retro arcade machines or online emulations. However, the game has also been updated and re-released on various platforms, including the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, and Xbox 360.

The popularity of Pac-Man led to the creation of countless imitators, but none have managed to replicate its magic. The game’s simple yet addictive gameplay, coupled with its iconic characters and memorable music, make it a must-play for any arcade enthusiast.

Pac-Man is also notable for its cultural impact. The game’s characters and gameplay have appeared in numerous pop culture references, including TV shows, movies, and even a stage show. It has become a symbol of the golden age of arcade gaming and a reminder of the joy and excitement that can be found in a simple, yet timeless game.

Donkey Kong

The Classic That Started It All

Donkey Kong, released in 1981, was the game that kickstarted the iconic partnership between Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. This groundbreaking arcade game was not only a commercial success but also a critical one, as it set the standard for the platformer genre. The game follows Jumpman (later renamed Mario) as he tries to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the mischievous Donkey Kong.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay in Donkey Kong is simple yet addictive. Players control Jumpman, who must navigate through various obstacles to reach the princess. Jumpman can jump over obstacles and use ladders to climb up or down. He can also use a hammer to hit enemies and knock them off the screen. The game becomes progressively more challenging as Jumpman must contend with more obstacles and increasingly aggressive enemies.

Why It’s Still Worth Playing Today

Even though Donkey Kong is over 40 years old, it still holds up as a fun and challenging game. The simple graphics and addictive gameplay make it an excellent choice for both casual and experienced gamers. Additionally, the game’s legacy can still be felt in modern gaming, as many elements of the game can be seen in modern platformers. Playing Donkey Kong today is a great way to appreciate the origins of one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time.


The Classic Space Shooter

Asteroids is a classic arcade game that was first released in 1979. It was developed by Atari and was one of the first games to use a vector graphics display, which allowed for smooth animation and fast gameplay. The game’s objective is to navigate a spaceship through a field of asteroids and shoot them down while avoiding collisions with the asteroids.

The gameplay of Asteroids is simple yet addictive. The player controls a spaceship that can move in any direction using a joystick. The player’s goal is to shoot down as many asteroids as possible while avoiding collisions with them. The game becomes increasingly challenging as the asteroids break into smaller pieces, which then become faster and more difficult to dodge.

Why It’s Worth Playing Today

Asteroids is a classic game that has stood the test of time. Its simple yet addictive gameplay mechanics make it a must-play for anyone who loves retro arcade games. The game’s fast-paced action and intense challenges will keep players engaged for hours on end. Additionally, the game’s modern re-releases offer updated graphics and gameplay features that make it even more enjoyable to play today.

How to Play Asteroids Today

There are several ways to play Asteroids today, including online emulations of the original arcade game or modern re-releases on consoles and mobile devices. Many retro gaming websites offer free online versions of the game, while some consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, offer modern re-releases of the game through their online stores.

Missile Command

In the world of classic arcade games, Missile Command is one of the most iconic and beloved titles. Developed by the legendary game designer, Dave Theurer, Missile Command was first released in 1980 and quickly became a fan favorite.

The objective of the game is to defend six cities from an incoming barrage of ballistic missiles. Players must strategically position their missile-defense system to intercept and destroy the incoming missiles before they reach their targets. The game’s gameplay is simple yet addictive, making it a timeless classic that is still enjoyed by gamers today.

One of the most innovative features of Missile Command was its use of the trackball, a spinning ball used to control the missile-defense system. This innovative control scheme allowed for a level of precision and immersion that was previously unseen in arcade games.

While the graphics and sound effects may seem rudimentary by today’s standards, Missile Command’s gameplay remains as engaging and challenging as ever. With a variety of difficulty levels and the ability to play with up to two players, Missile Command is a game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and skill levels.

In addition to its entertaining gameplay, Missile Command also holds a special place in gaming history as one of the first games to feature a “high score” system. Players could compete with one another to see who could achieve the highest score, adding a competitive element to the game that has since become a staple of the arcade gaming experience.

Overall, Missile Command is a classic arcade game that remains as fun and challenging today as it was over 40 years ago. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of arcade classics, Missile Command is a game that is sure to provide hours of entertainment and challenge.


Defender is a classic arcade game that was released in 1980 by Williams Electronics. It was designed by Ed Boon and Gary Gion. The game’s objective is to save humankind from an alien invasion by controlling a spacecraft that can fly across the screen, firing weapons at the aliens while trying to rescue survivors and destroy enemy bases.

One of the most iconic features of Defender is its innovative split-screen mode, which allowed two players to play simultaneously on one screen. The game also had a unique soundtrack composed by Tim Follin, which added to the game’s overall atmosphere.

Defender was a groundbreaking game that set the standard for all arcade games that followed. Its innovative gameplay, stunning graphics, and unique soundtrack have made it a classic that still holds up today.

The game’s mechanics are relatively simple, but it’s the game’s difficulty that makes it challenging. The game is divided into several levels, each with its own set of challenges, including different types of aliens and obstacles. As players progress through the levels, the game becomes increasingly difficult, requiring players to use their skills and strategy to succeed.

Overall, Defender is a must-play classic arcade game that offers a unique gaming experience that still holds up today. Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade games or just looking for a fun and challenging game to play, Defender is definitely worth checking out.

The Appeal of Classic Arcade Games

Nostalgia and Retro Gaming

  • Classic arcade games hold a special place in the hearts of gamers who grew up in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.
  • These games evoke a sense of nostalgia, bringing back memories of days spent in arcades, playing with friends, and discovering new and exciting games.
  • The popularity of retro gaming has led to a resurgence in the popularity of classic arcade games, as many gamers seek to recapture the magic of their youth.
  • Playing these games today can be a way to connect with one’s past and to experience a piece of gaming history.
  • Furthermore, classic arcade games often have simple, addictive gameplay that is easy to pick up and play, making them accessible to gamers of all ages and skill levels.
  • Some gamers also appreciate the aesthetics of these games, with their pixel art graphics and catchy chiptunes soundtracks, which have become iconic and beloved elements of gaming culture.
  • Additionally, many classic arcade games have been ported to modern platforms, allowing gamers to play them on their phones, tablets, and computers, making them more accessible than ever before.
  • In summary, the appeal of classic arcade games lies in their ability to evoke nostalgia, provide simple and addictive gameplay, and offer a unique gaming experience that is both fun and historic.

Skill and Challenge

Classic arcade games are known for their skill-based gameplay and challenging nature. The following are some reasons why these games still hold up today:

  • Timeless gameplay mechanics: The basic gameplay mechanics of classic arcade games have stood the test of time. Games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders are simple in concept but challenging to master, making them timeless classics that are still enjoyable to play today.
  • Perfected controls: Many classic arcade games have controls that are perfectly designed for the gameplay. For example, the joystick and button layout for Street Fighter II is still considered the perfect control scheme for fighting games.
  • Precision required: Classic arcade games often require a high level of precision and skill to succeed. For example, in Donkey Kong, players must precisely time their jumps to avoid obstacles and reach the top of the screen. This level of precision is still challenging and rewarding today.
  • High replayability: Classic arcade games often have high replayability due to their challenging nature. Players can try to beat their high scores or compete against friends, making these games worth revisiting time and time again.
  • Cultural impact: Many classic arcade games have had a significant cultural impact and are still recognizable today. Games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders are iconic and have become part of popular culture, making them worth playing simply to experience a piece of gaming history.

Social Interaction and Competition

One of the main appeals of classic arcade games is the opportunity for social interaction and competition. Unlike modern video games that can be played solo or with AI opponents, classic arcade games required players to gather in public spaces and compete against each other in real-time. This social aspect of gaming was a significant factor in the popularity of arcade games in the 1970s and 1980s.

Here are some reasons why social interaction and competition were essential components of classic arcade games:

  • Cooperative play: Many classic arcade games, such as the iconic Pac-Man, allowed players to work together to achieve a common goal. This cooperative play encouraged communication and teamwork among players, creating a sense of camaraderie and community.
  • Rivalry: Arcade games also fostered a sense of rivalry among players, as they vied for high scores and bragging rights. Games like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong rewarded players for their skill and speed, making it a thrilling competition to see who could score the most points.
  • Watching others play: In many cases, players gathered around the arcade cabinet to watch other skilled players in action. This passive participation in the game was a significant part of the arcade experience, as players learned new strategies and techniques from their peers.
  • Community spaces: Arcade games were often located in shopping malls, movie theaters, and other public spaces, making them a central hub for socializing and spending time with friends. Playing classic arcade games provided a shared experience that brought people together and fostered a sense of community.

Overall, the social interaction and competition that classic arcade games provided helped to create a unique and engaging gaming experience that is still popular today. Whether you’re playing with friends or competing against strangers, there’s something special about sharing a common experience in an arcade environment that can’t be replicated by modern gaming technologies.

The Influence of Classic Arcade Games on Modern Gaming

The influence of classic arcade games on modern gaming cannot be overstated. These pioneering titles paved the way for many of the gameplay mechanics, graphical techniques, and genre conventions that are now standard in the gaming industry. Here are some of the most significant ways in which classic arcade games have impacted modern gaming:

  • Pioneering Gameplay Mechanics: Classic arcade games introduced a variety of innovative gameplay mechanics that have since become commonplace in the gaming industry. For example, the side-scrolling level design popularized by games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. has been a staple of platformers ever since. Similarly, the time-based challenges found in Tempest and Robotron 2084 have inspired countless other fast-paced twitch games.
  • Graphical Techniques: Many classic arcade games were known for their impressive graphics, particularly in the realm of sprite-based animation. Games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man used clever techniques to create the illusion of three-dimensional movement on a two-dimensional screen. These techniques have since been refined and improved upon, but the core principles remain the same.
  • Genre Conventions: Classic arcade games helped establish many of the genre conventions that are now common in gaming. For example, the run-and-gun gameplay of Galaga and R-Type has since become a staple of the shoot ’em up genre. Similarly, the role-playing elements of Dragon’s Lair have inspired countless other action-adventure games.

In conclusion, the influence of classic arcade games on modern gaming is evident in the countless gameplay mechanics, graphical techniques, and genre conventions that they pioneered. As such, they remain an essential part of the gaming landscape and continue to inspire new generations of players and developers alike.

Classic Arcade Games in Modern Times

Classic arcade games have stood the test of time and continue to be popular today. While technology has advanced and new games have been developed, many people still enjoy playing the classic arcade games that they grew up with. Here are some reasons why classic arcade games are still appealing today:

Preservation of Gaming History

Classic arcade games are a part of gaming history, and playing them today allows players to experience a piece of nostalgia. These games are a part of many people’s childhoods, and playing them again can bring back memories of fun times spent in arcades.

Simple Yet Addictive Gameplay

One of the reasons classic arcade games are still popular today is because of their simple yet addictive gameplay. Many of these games were designed with a single objective in mind, making them easy to pick up and play. The simple gameplay combined with the addictive nature of many classic arcade games makes them easy to play for short periods of time or for extended periods of time.

Low Technical Requirements

Unlike modern games that require expensive hardware and software, classic arcade games can be played on a wide range of devices. This makes them accessible to people who may not have the latest technology or who may not want to invest in expensive gaming equipment.

Social Interaction

Classic arcade games were often designed to be played with others, and this social aspect of the games is still appealing today. Playing classic arcade games with friends or family can be a fun way to spend time together and bond over a shared interest.

Overall, classic arcade games continue to be popular today because they offer a unique gaming experience that is simple, addictive, and social. Whether you’re looking to relive nostalgic memories or just want to try out some classic games, there are plenty of reasons to play classic arcade games today.

Tips for Playing Original Arcade Games Today

Finding the Right Arcade Games

  • Research and consider the most iconic arcade games from the past
  • Take into account the genre or theme that interests you the most
  • Consider the game’s historical significance and its impact on the gaming industry
  • Look for online resources and communities to help you find and play the games
  • Be prepared to spend some time exploring different options to find the perfect game for you.

Setting Up a Classic Arcade Gaming System

Creating the perfect setup for classic arcade gaming is crucial to reliving those cherished gaming moments. Follow these steps to build a suitable system for your arcade gaming experience:

  1. Choose Your Gaming Hardware
    A. Classic Arcade Cabinet: For an authentic feel, invest in a replica of the original arcade cabinet. Look for a cabinet that matches the style and dimensions of the game you want to play.
    B. Emulator: For a more cost-effective option, use a gaming emulator such as MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) to recreate the classic arcade experience on your computer or gaming console.
  2. Gather the Games
    A. Retro Gaming Stores: Search for retro gaming stores that offer classic arcade games on cartridges or downloads.
    B. Online Communities: Join online communities of classic arcade game enthusiasts to trade, purchase, or download ROMs (Read-Only Memory) of the games you want to play.
  3. Accessories and Peripherals
    A. Control Panel: Choose a control panel that suits your gaming style, such as a joystick, buttons, or a fighting stick for arcade-style games.
    B. Display: Ensure you have a suitable display to play the games, whether it’s a monitor or a TV connected to your gaming console.
    C. Audio: For an immersive gaming experience, invest in a good quality speaker system or headphones.
  4. Customize Your Setup
    A. Themed Decor: Add a touch of nostalgia by decorating your gaming area with vintage arcade posters, figures, or lighting.
    B. Comfortable Seating: Choose a comfortable seating arrangement to minimize discomfort during extended gaming sessions.

By following these steps, you can create the perfect classic arcade gaming setup to relive your favorite childhood games and share the experience with others.

Joystick and Control Tips

Mastering the Controls

When it comes to playing classic arcade games, understanding the controls is crucial to success. Here are some tips to help you master the joystick and buttons:

  • Practice makes perfect: The more you play, the more comfortable you’ll become with the controls. So don’t be afraid to spend some time getting familiar with the game’s mechanics.
  • Experiment with different control setups: Some gamers prefer to use the classic “button mashing” technique, while others prefer a more strategic approach. Try out different control setups to see what works best for you.
  • Take advantage of game settings: Many classic arcade games offer customizable control settings, such as button mapping and sensitivity adjustments. Use these options to fine-tune your controls for optimal performance.

Stay Ahead of the Game

To truly excel at classic arcade games, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some tips to help you get an edge:

  • Study the game’s mechanics: Understanding the game’s rules and strategies is key to success. Take some time to study the game’s mechanics and learn the best techniques for scoring points and defeating enemies.
  • Watch tutorials and walkthroughs: There are plenty of resources available online for learning how to play classic arcade games. Watch tutorials and walkthroughs to get a better understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategies.
  • Practice, practice, practice: The more you play, the better you’ll get. Set aside some time each day to practice and improve your skills.

Embrace the Challenge

Classic arcade games are known for their challenging gameplay, but that’s what makes them so fun to play. Here are some tips for embracing the challenge:

  • Don’t get frustrated: It’s normal to get frustrated when you’re struggling to beat a level or defeat a boss. But don’t let frustration get the best of you. Take a break if you need to, and come back to the game later with a clear mind.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve. Instead of getting discouraged by failure, use it as a chance to analyze your gameplay and figure out what you need to work on.
  • Set goals: Having a goal in mind can help you stay motivated and focused. Set small goals for yourself, such as beating a certain level or collecting a certain number of power-ups, and work towards achieving them.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the controls and becoming a top player in your favorite classic arcade games. So get ready to relieve the classics and have some fun!

Strategies for Winning

Understanding the Game Mechanics

One of the most crucial aspects of winning at original arcade games is understanding the game mechanics. This includes understanding the game’s rules, objectives, and how different elements in the game interact with each other. Take the time to study the game’s instructions and experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.

Mastering the Controls

To excel at arcade games, you need to master the controls. This includes understanding the buttons, joysticks, and other input devices that the game uses. Practice playing the game until you become comfortable with the controls, and learn how to use them to your advantage.

Patience and Persistence

Arcade games can be challenging, and it’s important to be patient and persistent when playing. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t win right away. Instead, take your time, learn from your mistakes, and keep trying. With patience and persistence, you’ll eventually improve your skills and increase your chances of winning.

Learning from Others

Another effective strategy for winning at arcade games is to learn from others. Watch experienced players, read online forums and guides, and seek advice from friends and family members who have played the game before. You can also join online communities or forums dedicated to arcade gaming, where you can share tips and strategies with other players.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Finally, to stay ahead of the game, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and developments in arcade gaming. Keep an eye on new games, updates, and releases, and stay informed about new strategies and techniques that can help you improve your skills. By staying ahead of the game, you’ll be better equipped to compete and win.

Joining the Arcade Gaming Community

If you’re looking to enhance your arcade gaming experience, joining an arcade gaming community can be a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for classic arcade games. Here are some tips on how to join the arcade gaming community:

  • Online Arcade Gaming Communities: There are several online communities dedicated to arcade gaming, such as forums, social media groups, and online gaming platforms. These communities offer a platform for gamers to discuss their favorite arcade games, share tips and strategies, and connect with other players from around the world. Some popular online arcade gaming communities include the Arcade-projects forum, the Arcade Game Design Discord server, and the forums.
  • Local Arcade Gaming Meetups: For those who prefer to connect with other arcade gamers in person, local arcade gaming meetups can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals. Many cities have local arcade gaming meetups that are organized through or other online platforms. These meetups often involve visiting local arcades, playing classic arcade games, and socializing with other arcade enthusiasts.
  • Attending Arcade Gaming Conventions: Another way to connect with the arcade gaming community is by attending arcade gaming conventions. These conventions are typically held in major cities and feature a variety of classic arcade games, as well as vendors selling retro gaming merchandise and collectibles. Attending these conventions can be a great way to meet other arcade gamers, play rare and hard-to-find arcade games, and learn more about the history of classic arcade games.

By joining the arcade gaming community, you can expand your knowledge of classic arcade games, learn new strategies and techniques, and connect with other gamers who share your passion for arcade gaming. So why not give it a try and see how it enhances your arcade gaming experience?


1. What are the original arcade games that I should try playing today?

There are many classic arcade games that are still worth playing today. Some of the most popular ones include Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Donkey Kong. These games are not only fun to play, but they are also considered to be some of the most influential games in the history of video games.

2. Are these games available to play in modern arcades?

Many modern arcades still have some of these classic games available to play. However, some of the older games may be difficult to find in working condition. Additionally, many of these games have been remade or updated for modern consoles and computers, so you may be able to play them at home as well.

3. What makes these games so special?

These classic arcade games are special because they were some of the first video games ever made. They helped to establish many of the gameplay mechanics and conventions that are still used in video games today. Additionally, they were some of the first games to use advanced graphics and sound, which made them stand out at the time.

4. Can I play these games on my own machine?

Yes, many of these classic arcade games are available for purchase or download on modern platforms such as Steam, GOG, and the App Store. You can also find ROMs (copies of the game software) for many of these games online, although downloading ROMs without permission is illegal in many countries.

5. How much do these games cost to play?

The cost of playing these classic arcade games can vary depending on where you are playing them. In a modern arcade, you may have to pay a few dollars per game to play on a machine. If you are playing at home, you may have already purchased the game or downloaded it for free. However, some modern remakes or re-releases of these games may have a price tag attached.

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